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Note: If there is a product not listed that you would like to order, please contact us at or at 734-821-8000 to see if we can special order the product.

 Pharmacy Solutions is a specialty pharmacy service provider that specializes in the art of compounded medications and specialty medications and vitamins.  With over 90 years of combined compounding experience and highly trained pharmacists and technicians, our staff has established a national reputation among physicians by working hand in hand with them to provide solutions to treatment issues that patients and healthcare providers face on a daily basis.

We are dedicated to working with you and your healthcare provider to design the best medication solutions to your problems.  We also use the highest of quality ingredients to provide you the best possible products in the industry. 

We take a personalized, caring, and integrative approach to take care of you as a whole.  We ensure a timely response on each order and our pharmacy accepts over 2000 national insurance plans which can be filed on-line before the prescription is filled.

At our website you can order a prescription refill as well as non-prescription specialty items.

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Welcome to Our Pharmacy

Sahar Swidan, Pharm.D., BCPS, ABHAAP
Owner and CEO